Meguro (Tokyo) driving range.

I started golf when I was 6.

My parents and I all started learning to play golf together when I was 6 years old. That was when I was living in Japan. Wow, the Japanese sure love golf. There are courses everywhere, and whether they are good or not it seems like everyone is crazy about the game. 

When we started we lived in downtown Tokyo, no golf courses were nearby so we started practicing at a driving range. It was one of those with the levels of hitting areas and into a net. At many ranges in Japan the balls come up from the floor automatically, which I thought was pretty cool.

When we went on vacation every summer we played golf.
Some of the places we played include:
  - Many places in Japan
  - Hawaii (courses on Kauai and the Big Island)
  - Sydney, Australia
  - Carmel, California
  - Half Moon Bay, California
  - Palm Springs, California
  - San Diego, California
  - Many courses in Utah